How Losing Myself Saved My Life

Life Scribbles

Everyone gets a little lost in life. Some more so than others. Some never find themselves again. Some slowly drift back into the light and are better for it. And some, some stay lost forever. It’s easy you see, to live in the shadows. That’s why losing yourself is so dangerous, so poisonous and yet so tempting. For me, getting lost was all of these and more.

I’ve been lost in life, and it is the best thing that ever happened to me. I don’t mean I took a wrong turn here, made a mistake there, or hurt someone so much that it drove me to madness. No. I mean, I lost myself completely. I was like a snake, shedding layers of my skin that each held a tiny piece of who I was… until that person no longer existed. Every layer of  skin was shed, and nothing was left…

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