One word mayest changeth everythingeth.

the ramblings

I read a word once. It changed my life.

First, an explanation of an extra large year. I learned the shit out of 2013, to put it plainly. There were hateful things done and said towards me that I took so very personally. There were hateful things said and done by me that I casually tried to forget. There were apologies to people I will never get apologies from. There a stomach knotted in frustration at the overwhelming heap of things and people I cannot change. There were relationships bruised and broken and then again, others neatly mended, and lots of microscopic daily happenings, slight ticks on a big clock, that set in motion a mighty change. There were the happy, confusing things like precious babies and chocolate, good writing and amazing support. It was a hot mess mingle of amazing and awful that I just couldn’t figure out. In the midst of such turbulent time, I stole a minute…

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